Quality Assurance

As the first ACA International Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certified collection agency in Washington State, PSC is on the leading edge of quality assurance for our clients. The ACA's PPMS program is based on ISO 9000 certification and is designed to produce consistent quality service at all levels of the collection business by incorporating continual improvements. Currently, less than 1% of collection agencies worldwide have achieved PPMS designation.

PSC's primary objective in seeking certification was to implement a documented, orderly and functional system where every customer and client concern (nonconformity) is documented, corrective action taken and practices altered to prevent reoccurrence. We further wanted every nonconformity processed to receive the attention of every manager immediately (real-time) and to evaluate trends over time.

Vendor organizations who adopt this rigorous framework to control quality provide a distinct advantage to their clients, minimizing risk of errors and customer service issues. Knowing PSC is "certified" is a way of reassuring clients they are dealing with a qualified professional partner.