Each client has specific needs.

We work with you to identify your unique service requirements. We match your needs with the perfect set of services, all of which are available individually or packaged with flexible pricing options.


For clients who desire a partner to collect accounts that have become uncollectable and need comprehensive collection services to be paid in full.

Puget Sound Collections offers:

  • Collection calls
  • Collection mailings
  • Legal recourse (with client permission)
  • Expertise in all applicable laws, objection handling and negotiations
  • Propensity to pay scoring and analytics
  • Account segmentation and workflow based on propensity to pay
  • Credit reporting
  • Account scrubbing
  • Bankruptcy confirmation, claim filing, and follow-up
  • Probate verification, claim filing, and follow-up
  • Online access for clients to their accounts
  • Recovery reporting and statistics
  • Specialized call campaigns


For clients whose receivables are still current and desire a partner to collect active accounts for them, we provide a wide range of customized first party collection solutions.

Collections can be made in our client’s name or in the name of PayMark Systems.  PayMark Systems can be used both to set up payment arrangements and/or monitor scheduled payments.

Choose among PayMark services:

  • Pre-collection calls
  • Pre-collection mailings
  • Establishment and monitoring of payment plans
  • Monthly billing notices
  • Payment reminder phone calls
  • Payment processing
  • Flexible payment processing options
  • Automatic referral to third party collections
  • Fully customizable calling campaigns based on client parameters


There is no cost to establish a business relationship with PSC. Our rates are based upon the “No Collection-No Fee” concept – if we don’t collect, you don’t have to pay. All accounts are collected on a contingency only basis, meaning that our fee is a percentage of what we collect.

Our rates are competitively priced based upon the volume and level of service required.

Fixed Rate Collections:
This all-inclusive pricing is based on the volume of the accounts assigned.

Flex-Rate™ Collections:
Pricing is tiered to provide lower rates for accounts referred less than 60 days past due with increasing rates as accounts age.

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