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Why Choose PSC?

Quality Assurance

Puget Sound Collections is very proud to be one of only a few dozen collection agencies worldwide and the first in Washington State to be certified by the ACA's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) program (a certification program based on ISO 9000 certification).

PPMS is a management system designed to produce consistent quality service at all levels of the collection business by incorporating continuous improvements. PPMS certification guarantees that we have written policies, procedures, work instructions and audited quality assurance and compliance programs in place. We are re-certified by external auditors every two years.

This certification is reserved for agencies of the highest caliber with less than 1% of agencies worldwide holding the PPMS designation.

Customer Service

In our commitment to be the most client focused collection agency in the Pacific Northwest, we offer:

  • Personalized service - we will do everything we can to meet our clients' needs.
  • The attitude of our highly qualified staff - client satisfaction is always our first priority.
  • A client services department dedicated specifically to our clients.


In our endeavor to constantly improve our process, we utilize:

  • The most up to date hardware and software available in the industry.
  • State of the art predictive dialing technology.
  • A myriad of skip-tracing resources.
  • A proprietary collections process that promotes service excellence and produces superior results.
  • A tracking and auditing system to ensure every account is worked to completion.
  • Account scoring to prioritize accounts that are most likely to pay.
  • Highly trained and educated employees who are able to maximize recovery for our clients.

Data Warehousing

Our extensive historical data base of consumers in the region makes account match ups more likely and with this information we are able to enhance collection efforts and greatly reduce the time for account recovery.