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Which geographic areas does PSC serve?

Headquartered in Washington state; PSC has clients throughout the state of Washington including Pierce County (greater Tacoma area), King County, (greater Seattle area), Kitsap, Mason, Lewis, the coastal counties, central and eastern Washington counties and south into Portland, Oregon. We are also licensed and bonded in Oregon, Alaska, California, Arizona and collect in all states and Canada through professional affiliations.

How are accounts listed?

Please contact us at 800.922.8932 for your particular needs. We offer free customized IT solutions for large volume clients. We also offer account listings via paper, online portal, E-mail or manual pick up.

Will I have access to my accounts?

Yes. Your accounts are instantly available online. You may view, manage and monitor your accounts via our Client Portal 24 hours a day.

What are the compliance requirements for bad debt collections?

All our collection activity is conducted in compliance with Federal and State law including FDCPA, HIPAA, the ACA PPMS accreditation requirements and red flag rules.

What legal recourse is used?

Please contact us at 800.922.8932 for specific information on your needs. A general description: following complete collections processing, nonresponsive accounts are reviewed and may be referred to our legal department.  We obtain client permission to proceed prior to preparing legal documentation to obtain legal judgments.

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